Connecting people with brands

in meaningful ways.

We’re a small team of creative professionals with over 18 years experience in creating and evolving brands across various industries.

Deniel Briers

Creative Director

With 18+ years of experience in Branding, Advertising, Events and Interior Design. I have worked across various creative disciplines using design sensibility with enough permanence to cut through the noise and rise above the trends creating beautiful, distinctive design solutions. I have a longstanding passion for creativity without limitations, the power of simplicity, and an innate curiosity about the world and the people in it.

Menno Dirks

Strategic Director

With 10+ years experience in Advertising and Branding. I have worked across and managed fully integrated campaigns for top tier clients. Taking a product positioning to develop a global and local communication strategies. My passion lies in helping brands create a meaningful and  impactful brand story for their consumers, whilst creating an emotive connection that is beneficial.

Brands we’ve worked with